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CC Bio have an exciting opportunity for a computer scientist / bioinformatician to work in an award-winning systems and synthetic biology-based start-up environment for a 3 month PIPS placement.

About CC Bio:

The composition of our microbiome (the ecosystem of bacteria which inhabits our bodies) plays a fundamental role in the progression of a vast number of diseases, including cancer and dementia. Yet, we currently have very few therapeutic options capable of augmenting our microbiome to treat or even prevent such illnesses. At CC Bio, we develop medicines capable of precisely manipulating the human microbiome to prevent disease progression before it starts.

Computer Scientist / Bioinformatician 3 month PIPS placement opportunity.

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About The Role:

As CC Bio continues to grow, one key objective is to automate and expand our existing therapeutic discovery process. A fundamental part of our active scientific programmes is the integration our existing computational and wet lab-based therapeutic discovery processes. We are looking for a motivated computer scientist / bioinformatician to join our team and help us do so. The successful candidate will work with CC Bio for 3 months as part of the PIPS programme.

The role will be London based with the possibility of visiting laboratories in Cambridge. CC Bio are keen help develop the candidate beyond the immediate technical demands of the role. This includes teaching the candidate about critical elements of the start-up environment (business strategy, financial planning, investor management, intellectual property etc) as well as introducing them to synthetic biology, the broader scientific discipline which underpins the business.

Candidate Requirements:

The successful candidate must be comfortable working with large datasets, have an excellent knowledge of Python, and Test Driven Development. The candidate will have a track record as a backend developer, be comfortable building and working with structured and unstructured databases and API integration.


An interest in biological sciences / interest in adapting the science of data mining/curation for healthcare purposes is desirable. Any experience using hidden Markov model-based DNA / amino acid data mining would be favourable.

To Apply:

For more information about the role and start dates please contact with your CV

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