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Precision healthcare through synthetic biology.

Our Mission.

Synthetic biology is changing the way we think about diagnosing and treating microbiome-based diseases.

At CC Bio, we harness the power of synthetic biology to engineer and edit the microbiome with surgical precision. Our goal is to eliminate microbiome-based disease in a potent, specific and prophylactic fashion, harmonising the relationship between eukaryotic and microbial cells.

By considering the lifestyle needs of our patients, and understanding each microbiome-based disease holistically, we are elevating this fundamental aspect of human health out of the antibiotic era, putting power back in the hands of the consumer.

Our Pipeline.

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CC Bio have developed a proprietary drug discovery platform, Zeus, which evaluates and optimises the potential of thousands of first-in-class therapeutics for the precise augmentation of your microbial ecology. The most promising candidates identified from our first discovery phase are now undergoing preclinical development. For further information regarding our discovery platforms and lead candidates please get in touch using the contact us form below.

Our Team.


Dr Matthew Cummings.
Co-Founder, CC Bio
PhD in Synthetic Biology and Microbiology The University of Manchester.



Dr David Corcoran.
Co-Founder, CC Bio
PhD in Medicinal Chemistry
Kings College London, Pharmacist.


Our Support.

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